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R22Whirlybird Helicopters has helicopter and airplane training schools located at the Ogden Airport in Ogden, Utah, the Spanish Fork Airport serving Spanish Fork and Provo, Utah, and Iowa City Municipal Airport in Iowa City, Iowa. With our thorough, step-by-step teaching method, we train our students quickly and efficiently, enabling you to graduate as a fully-trained pilot much earlier than you might from another airplane or helicopter flight school. This, of course, means you pay less money for your education and can pursue your individualized dreams sooner. Our unique process trains our students so well that you attain a higher level of knowledge and experience than that achieved by other schools.

Whirlybird offers one-on-one instruction with FAA-certified flight instructors. We focus on training you for real-world situations, meaning that you are prepared for any situation you encounter while flying. Whirlybird uses a structured yet flexible training syllabus. This allow you to know where you are, where you going, and what the goals of each lesson are. We train our students in the Enstrom F28, the Robinson R22 Beta II, and the Robinson R44 helicopters. We also offer training in the MD500 C and F model turbine helicopters as well as the Cessna 172 airplane. Flying both the Enstrom and the Robinson helicopters makes you a more diverse competent pilot. Most of all you will be more marketable and more desirable than a student with experience in only one helicopter.

EnstromWhirlybirds founder went through helicopter flight school in Utah. From his own experiences, both in flight school and later in his profession, Adam recognized flaws in the system and has set out to correct them. After analyzing his education, he determined that a flight school education should coincide with the students’ best interests meaning that instruction ought to be presented in a clear, logical manner, building upon previously learned knowledge. With his unique, step-by-step teaching method, Whirlybird students learn in a sensible, understandable order that avoids confusion. Our students do not learn new skills or information unless they have mastered the prerequisite skills first. With our method, our students learn faster, avoid frustration, and are more prepared for their future flying experiences.

Whirlybird is currently accepting students for one-on-one instruction. If you are interested in a career in flying, contact us right away to schedule an introductory flight. You can have confidence knowing that you’re training with the best, most effective helicopter flight school in northern Utah and now Iowa.

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